Stockholm Contributions in Military-Technology 2010

Transformation in the military arena regarding national and international security calls for a deeper understanding of how to make use of the civilian proficiency in most relevant technological fields and how to create new military capabilities. Hence a better understanding of technologies and their applications in future defence and security systems are needed. One minor contribution in this respect is the ongoing development of a new academic subject, Military-Technology. _x00B_When developing a new subject, not being a derivative of an "established" subject, natural publication sources are lacking. Stockholm Contributions in Military-Technology aims at, within suitable time, filling this gap to some extent. _x00B_This compilation of selected papers, presented at the International Society of Military Sciences Conference in Stockholm, 10-11 November 2010, and subsequently peer-reviewed and revised, is the second in the series. The book also includes brief summaries of student essays within the field at the Swedish National Defence College._x00B_

Författare Sivertun, Åke
Serie Stockholm contributions in military-technology
ISBN 978-91-86137-07-6